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SPSS Metals manufactures titanium welded tube acc to ASTM B338 with common titanium grade such as Gr1 & Gr2 in both regular and customized size. Size from OD: 6.0 to 89.0mm, WT: 0.35 to 2.0mm.

Titanium Features

1.High specific strength (tensile strength/density)
2.Good strength at intermediate temperature range of 450~500℃
3.Better corrosion resistance performance in sea water, wet chlorine and chloride solution
4.Good low-temperature performance
5.Low elastic modulus and thermal conductivity, Nonmagnetic
6.High hardness
7.Good thermal plasticity  

It is hard to find more light and corrosion resistant material. Titanium is heat resistant, insensible to temperature changes, pressure resistant and stable in salt, moisture and organic conditions. Titanium alloy is the hardest metal. Titanium tube is required everywhere where it is important be stability to mechanical influences and endurance to aggressive media. Due to high durability, corrosion stability, accumulation of salts and organics on the wall surface titanium alloys keep its qualities and properties.

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Click here to check the process flow chart for welded titanium tube.